Strandhill CommunityPark is vested in the people of Strandhill through the park trustees who are setup as a limited company. The developments at the park have occurred through partnership between the trustees and Strand Celtic. Strand Celtic Soccer Club is the primary user of the facility providing sport for over 340 members but now over 600 people use the park each week. Other users of the park include Strandhill Youth Club, Bridge Club, Active Age Group, Community Games, National School, Warriors’ Festival, Yoga Club, Hockey Club, Tennis Club and Mother and Baby Group.

Strand Celtic soccer club took on the challenge of the fund raising to support the development and has spent nearly €1m with a debt of €60,000 on all projects which we are now trying to clear. The club has secured funding from Leader and National Lottery in conjunction with the park trustees. The club has two people employed on a scheme at the park and handles the operational management of the park.

How can I support development?

Your support is possible through either COMPANY SPONSORSHIP of the signs at the park or through the €10 per month MONTHLY DRAW. You can enter our monthly draw by contacting our Development Draw Officer, Paddy Norman, on 087 239 0951 or by downloading the draw form here.

Current Project Phases

A new development plan was prepared in 2015 that identified four phases over the period to 2020

PHASE I – Purchase pitch equipment and implement ball netting [estd cost €40,000]

PHASE II – Convert smaller pitch into an astro pitch [estd cost €380,000]

PHASE III – Put up a spectator stand on the main pitch [estd cost €34,000]

PHASE IV – Install an outdoor gym (estd cost €75,000]

Previous Project Phases

The previous development plan had the following phases which have all been successfully implemented.

The primary objective of the first phase was to provide additional playing pitches to a high standard that would cater for the growing number of teams in the club. This also ensured that playing numbers are maintained and provided for the massive growth in our girls section. The total cost of this development was €100,000.

The objective of the second phase of the project was to provide dressing rooms and a community meeting facility for all of the users of StrandhillCommunityPark. In addition car parking, dugouts and fencing were provided. The total cost was €373,000.

The objective of this phase was to provide an all weather facility for training and tennis. The cost of this phase was €180,000.

The objective of the fourth phase of our development was to provide a playground for young people in the community aged between 1 and 15 years of age. The cost of this phase was €160,000.

The objective of the fifth phase of our development was to provide additional dugouts on our second pitch for younger players. Our younger teams use the smaller pitch and substitutes regularly get soaked in the winter weather. This cost €8,000 and was supported by sponsorship from a local businessman.

The objective of the sixth phase of our development was to provide floodlighting to enable teams to play evening games in the winter season, when most football is played and increase participation amongst teenagers. This cost approximately €120,000 and was completed in July 2013



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